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We are an online directory of insurance companies and services.

For customers… we help you find the insurance you need that is right for you.  With our user-friendly map, you can quickly and easily find an insurance broker or service in your local area.

For the insurance companies… we help you get more exposure by letting your listing be seen by more people looking for your products and services.  As a result, we help you get more customers.

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Why use Insurance Search Engine?

When it comes to connecting customers needing insurance with companies and brokers offering insurance, Insurance Search Engine targets solving this very specific niche problem.  Our helpful map interface lets our users visually see many of the companies that are in their local area.  The map makes it easy to see the many options that are available to them.  Our filter system helps customers sift through the many listings to see only the services that they are looking for.  From there, our rating and review system allows customers to easily check user experiences of other customers at many companies all in one place.  With all of these tools we have made available, customers are able to find the right insurance companies for them quickly, easily and confidently.


What makes Insurance Search Engine better than other directories?

Many directories only allow listings restricted to a single country or continent.  Rarely do you ever see a directory that has listings worldwide.

At Insurance Search Engine, our name makes it clear that we focus only on insurance brokers, agencies and companies.  We review all listing submissions that come in to ensure that all listings in our directory offer insurance products and services.  If they don’t, the listings do not make it into our database.  We do this to maintain a high quality directory free of clutter so that our customers can find what they’re looking for, and our insurance companies can get their listings more exposure.

Mobile Responsive
We live in a modern world where users are increasingly using mobile devices to search and browse the web.  Our listing directory offers a clean and usable experience that doesn’t strain the eyes regardless of the device you are using.  Once again, this helps customers navigate the listings with ease to find what they’re looking for, and it maximizes the exposure that insurance companies in our directory receive.

If you are an insurance company that operates anywhere in the world, please feel free to submit your listing today!  Memberships may be offered for a fee in the future.  However, it’s currently completely free.

See what some of our users had to say:

“Thank you for putting together such a helpful resource for business owners like myself. With a business to run and little time to spend sifting through on ocean of information, this was a huge time saver. Within a few minutes, I had a nice list of phone numbers of good insurance companies that offered business insurance right in my area.” —H. Jong – KJ Limousine

“Wow, this site was really helpful. I was struggling to find a good insurance company. It’s not hard to find information these days with the internet. The problem is that there’s too much information that’s outdated, not accurate or just plain scattered all over the place. This site could use some more listings, but I’m sure it’ll only get better in the future.” —Samuel P. (Delta BC)

“Thank you Insurance Search Engine. You made our life much easier and saved us a lot of time in the process. I’ll be sure to mention this site if anyone asks me about where I got my insurance from” —Richard M. – City Tow Truck

“Your website made finding the right insurance company to ensure our limousine vehicles a much easier process. We were able to make a decision quickly and confidently. We’ve built up a nice relationship with the company we decided to go with and they have more than lived up to our expectations. The service your website has provided to us is greatly appreciated!” —Harold S. – VanCity Limos